A practical, tasty self service enterprise

We can’t get enough of gelato and results; our setup is practical so we pay careful attention to consumers’ tastes. We love the idea of simple rapid do-it-yourself, like our franchising.

Do you want more?

Are you a person with initiative, ready to seize opportunities with a touch of spirit of adventure to lead you on? That’s us. We started in March 2014 and other entrepreneurs immediately joined us.

Why we aim at a joyful experience

Ama Biancolatte gelato is made with quality Italian milk, fresh fruit and prime selected ingredients. That’s the base. Then we add enjoyment for those who prepare our express gelato, for those who open a self-service ice cream shop/corner franchise, and for us of course. Because people who enjoy themselves live well.

How Ama Biancolatte gelato got started

It was a scorching hot day.
The same beach, the same sea for the same summer holidays.
A man in love with gelato, fun and self-service was melting in the sun. Just one sun shade away, another man was thinking and calculating.
“I could do with some ice cream” muttered the first man.
“We can always do with ice cream” exclaimed the second one.

They started a conversation, but only after having bought an ice cream, of course.
They found out that they were both entrepreneurs from families that had always been in business, and above all that their passions could form the basis of a new enterprise.

The new enterprise brought together excellent quality gelato, self-service version, easy and fun to top with what you like, including fresh fruit (the man making calculations was a well-known name in the fruit and vegetable import-export trade) and obviously its books in order, because that’s just as important as having fun. In this way it became an investment with an excellent return!
That’s how Ama Biancolatte started.