Ama Biancolatte franchising

Open a self-service ice cream shop/corner franchise and aim at good profits.

Making a profit with an Ama Biancolatte franchise is as simple as eating an ice cream.

  1. Excellent ROI right from the first year
  2. Perfect also for those with no experience in the trade
  3. Reserved action area. Choose the one you want!
  4. High profit margins

Discover how much you can earn

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Your franchise

Space, investments, training and marketing for you

Choose your action area: just one self-service ice cream shop/corner franchise for every 300,000 inhabitants, and in holiday resorts, maximum one every 5 km. Practically exclusive!

20 square metres are enough for an Ama Biancolatte corner. You can be ready to open within just 3 months of signing the contract

Would you prefer an Ama Biancolatte shop to a corner? We advise an area of at least 30 square metres

Just a few square metres of storage space and workshop are enough because the compact equipment is housed directly in the vending space. And you produce only what you sell, which means no waste!

You will be trained and updated to launch into this adventure. Ama Biancolatte ensures suitable initial training and periodical refresher courses, also for those with no experience in the trade

We create marketing activities and communication initiatives for our franchisees, who are also free to make propositions

We let consumers have fun with a quality product

We ensure good earnings

We create new points of sale