Prepared in the morning, you get it ready to eat!

You’re the one who makes Ama Biancolatte express gelato. When you pull the machine lever down you aerate our mix, which you fluff and chill immediately. An essential movement lasting just the few seconds essential to producing our do-it- yourself gelato: a dense velvety cream.

Ama Biancolatte comes in classical and some special or seasonal flavours, without exaggerating. Because the enjoyment of express gelato is to pull the lever, see that dense cream appear and quickly decorate it with chopped nuts, tasty toppings and even a little of the fruit that’s so good for you. And the confidence of enjoying a hand made gelato.

Creamy flavours

With prime selected milk

Fruit flavours

Rich in fibre
No milk by-products
No added fats

Light flavours

Rich in fibre
No milk by-products
No sucrose

Gluten free

Gelato with no gluten.
Attention, there may
be contamination!

There’s more than just gelato:

Fresh fruit

To serve with gelato or as a fruit salad

Squeezed fruit juice

Prepared on demand

Chopped nuts and toppings

To garnish your gelato as you wish

Hot chocolate

Fantastically creamy, classical or flavoured